Preschool Jakarta Timur: 3 Main Challenges in Childhood Education

Dealing with young children can be hard sometimes. Some children may struggle and have difficulties in several areas of learning. Facing learning difficulties could affect the children’s overall intelligence and motivation. Take a look at these 3 common childhood education problems in preschool Jakarta Timur.

3 Most Common Issues In Early Childhood Education

1. High Level of Energy and Hyperactivity in Children

A high level of energy in children could lead to hyperactivity. Although not all highly energetic children can be diagnosed as hyperactive, hyperactivity is still a common problem that early childhood educators have to face. It is hard to keep highly energetic children sitting still and focusing on the learning program.

This is one of the reasons why most childhood education programs are play-based. Teachers in early childhood education need to find a way to drain children’s energy through fun learning and positive actions. They need to make sure children’s energy is distributed well into fun-learning activities to help the children develop skills.

2. Distraction and Focus

Focus is one of the main problems when dealing with children. Children in preschool Jakarta Timur are often easily distracted and have trouble processing information accurately, which can lead to problems in a setting where children are expected to make sense of the given information precisely.

The lack of focus causes children to have issues in organizing and remembering details. Children with a lack of focus are usually forgetful and lose their belonging easily. This situation is not easy for teachers to manage if they have a lot of students to take care of at the same time.

3. Anxiety Among Children

Children who find difficulties in the learning process can become overwhelmed and frustrated. The trouble of regulating these emotions can lead to anxiety in children. If teachers don’t know how to treat them correctly, children can end up having low self-esteem and being unconfident.

Global Sevilla as a preschool Jakarta Timur, offers a well=trained teacher to nurture children and bring out their best potential. Children are completely supported in their learning activities to create a positive and healthy learning environment. On reducing anxiety, Global Sevilla offers mindfulness practices to help them stay calm and focused.

Children can sometimes be hard to deal with. Teachers in childhood education have to be patient while dealing with the behavioral problems that the child may have, such as hyperactivity, lack of focus, and anxiety. It requires compassion and integrity to be a good and understanding childhood educator.


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