5 Unique Decorations to Hold the Best Wedding at Bali

The decoration concept is an important aspect that you must consider in holding a wedding reception. For this reason, you need to choose which design best fits your wedding theme. If you want to get married at a Bali villa wedding, there are some unique ideas that you can apply. Here are some of the best decorations that you can adopt for the most exciting themes.

Unique Wedding Decorations You Can Try

1. Modern Minimalist

The modern minimalist decoration is one of the wedding decorations you can choose for a wedding celebration. The wedding party has a bold impression but does not eliminate the romantic appearance at the same time. As a substitute for beautiful flowers, don’t forget to add decorations in the form of a terrarium containing succulents. This decoration gives a simple yet elegant impression.

2. All-White Shades

The island of Bali is famous for the exotic charm of its amazing beaches. Therefore, you can use the all-white decoration concept for your dream wedding. Although it is not equipped with luxurious decorations, the all-white gift gives a graceful and modern impression. You can start decorating from guest chairs, choosing flowers to curtains on the bridal stage.

3. Healthy Wedding

As the name suggests, a healthy wedding is a unique theme for decoration in a wedding villa. This decoration theme is suitable for outdoor weddings. This decorating concept is applied to the food. Guests will be served with numerous foods and drinks rich in fiber and good nutrition for the body. As a result, there is no event consuming sweet foods or foods containing high cholesterol.

4. Indoor Garden

Holding an outdoor concept wedding party is the dream of many couples. This concept provides an opportunity for couples to be closer to their natural surroundings. However, you and your partner have to undo this due to weather constraints. There is no need to be sad because you can still make it happen by using beautiful indoor garden wedding decorations.

5. Fun Wedding

Who says marriage has to be severe and romantic? No need to worry, many unique themes you can apply to the reception decoration. Unique decoration is a fun wedding for an outdoor piece. Please choose various bright colors as the main element for a wedding villa bali to present a warm impression. Some of the decorations you can select are windmills, paper flowers, and balloons.

In conclusion, you can choose some unique and contemporary decorations for your wedding. Each ornament can give an unforgettable impression to the couple. That is why you should not arbitrarily choose a wedding location. If you have difficulty determining the best decoration concept, you can ask for consultation with Villa The Surga Estate as a solution.

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